Electric-embroidered peace talismans

Rich colors, and exquisite double-sided embroidered motifs.
Guarded by three blessed generals - Bringing good fortune,
attracting wealth, and bestowing blessings all in one.
Rich colors, intricate dual-sided embroidered patterns
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In ancient Chinese culture, people would make amulets as an object to be worn by their loved ones,
for example, babies that were just born or husband that is heading out for wars.
The amulet is believed to protect against evil, disease, or unhappiness.
We design 3 styles of amulets for Wealth, Fortune, and Luck. 

This amulet features our Mascot, Good Luck Cat, 
which is meant to bring you luck.

his amulet features the God of Wealth, which is meant to bring you prosperity and money. 
May fortune come pouring in whenever you have this amulet with you.

This amulet features our Mascot, Wonderful, the leopard cat,
which is meant to give you blessings. 


 Dimensions: 60X40MM
 Material: Fabric

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