Ceramic absorbent coasters

It can absorb moisture from cold and hot drink cups, keeping surfaces dry and fresh,
with a non-slip pad on the bottom.
Available in three designs: [Main Wall of Military Dependents' Village]
, [Wonderful], and [Good Luck].
Crafted through firing at 1200 degrees Celsius, ensuring vibrant colors that are resistant to fading.
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Absorbent coasters are made of special absorbent ceramic stone; any liquid will be absorbed into the coaster to dry out the surface.
Anti-slip design at the bottom of the coasters protects your furniture from spills, scratch, and damage, and provides grip. 

【Rainbow Village】
Modern home decor - Rainbow Village artwork style coasters for drinks are the preferred pick among everyday families,
also the perfect decoration for the office.

【Good Luck Cat】
Who can resist a smiley happy cat that can bring you good luck?  Own this cute absorbent coasters,
which are made of special absorbent ceramic stone and make it a decoration for your home or office. 

【Leopard Cat Wonderful】
Leopard Cat is Taiwan's only surviving wild cat.  It is meant to bring you blessings. 


 Dimensions: 10 CM

 Material: Ceramic

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● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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