Metal brooches

High-quality metal material with vibrant colors that exude a glossy finish.
Featuring [Polite and Respectful] Snowman, [Beautiful as a Flower] Little Flower,
[Everything Goes Well] Lion Dance, [Wishing You Happiness] Bluebird.
High-quality metallic material exudes a glossy sheen with vibrant colors.
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Comes in vivid colors. With the sharp pin, the enamel badges can go through the fabric easily,
such as canvas, nylon, cotton, etc.    

They are perfect for your lapel of the jacket, cufflink of the shirt, hat, and cap, sweater,
casual T-shirt, backpack, bags, etc. give life to your fashionable accessories

Bing Bing, the snowman to you! He is a gentle and polite snowman who wears a bowler hat at all times.

In Chinese culture, we love to describe woman as flowers.
And this is why Rainbow Grandpa drew these cute flowers and we called them "Ru Hua",
which means you look beautiful just like flowers.


The bluebird is a symbol of hope, love, and renewal and is also a part of many Native American legends.
Here is our Mascot that has the same meaning as well. Xinfu is the bird's name which means happiness in Chinese. 


During Chinese New Year, Chinese people do dragon and lion dances intended to bring luck and prosperity.
Shi Shi is our Mascot's name which has a meaning of wishing everything goes well and in order as planned. 




 Material: Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy

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