Soft rubber keychains

Specially featuring popular Rainbow Creative characters:
Leopard Cat - Wonderful, Cat - Good Luck, Rooster – Dou Dou (Great Fortune).
Specially featuring popular characters from the Rainbow Creative.

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Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a soft, thermoplastic material that can be used repeatedly.   
Any kids or adults will love to personalize their backpacks or handbags with these!

Cute Rainbow Creative Mascot, Wan Der Fu(English name: Wonderful) which is a very likable and
attractive leopard cat that is meant to bring people happiness.


 This cute Rainbow Creative character is called Dou Dou Chicken. Chicken symbolizes hard working
as they wake people up in early morning and Chinese people believe they will bring you the most
favorable auspices.

Good Luck Cat looks very funky as it wears a clown-like costume. As it looks very likable and attractive,
we have made it into a soft key chain!








 Dimensions: 70X43X4MM
 Material: Polyvinyl Chloride + Stainless Steel

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● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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