Lightweight automatic pencil

Compatible with 0.5mm lead, effortless writing with a simple press,
lightweight design that doesn't take up much space in your pencil case.
The pen body features adorable and popular characters: Snowman Bin Bin and Robot Carrot with their quirky expressions. Let's have a close-up triple shot! Snap!
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Bing Bing is a snowman that wears a top hat,and the robot has an antenna to receive all kinds of signal from the universe.
Writing now can be fun and stylish with these refillable mechanical pencils.  

The pencils are very sturdy and have pre-loaded 0.5mm HB lead

These pencils are a beautiful addition to all planners, desk, and office space and make a great gift for anyone who loves pens and stationery. 

 Rainbow Creative Mascot Bing Bing is a snowman that always wears a top hat and a cute smile on his face. 

Rainbow Creative mascot, Robot, has antenna on the head as if he can receive any signal from the outer space. 


The mechanical pencil suits any 0.5mm leads, 2H、H、HB、B、2B will do according to your needs.

 The pencil is light weighted, easy to hold, allows you to write smoothly, and comfortably for a long time. 


The mechanical pencil will always be the one and only special partner for your school or office table. 

Lively pencil is a great gift for your kids.

This cute mechanical pencil will heal your hearts and bring you delights to your day-to-day writings. 


 Pen:ABS Plastic  
 Size:Length 130mm Width 10mm

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