Classic colorful shopping bag

This bag can be used as an outing or eco-friendly tote bag, and it comes with a dust-proof storage pouch for easy folding and storage.
Manufactured with dual-layer fabric for seamless construction, offering not only ample capacity but also a load-bearing capability of over 10 kilograms.
The outer layer utilizes waterproof technology coating fabric, resistant to fading and cleaning!
Super practical and popular bag, hot sale NO.2!
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It's a perfect buddy for grocery shopping and farmers' markets. You can also use it as a mother's bag.

Strong and durable. Could be folded into a wallet-sized pouch. 

One-piece formed with wide handle and a double-layer fabric design, the bag could hold things up to 20kg. 
There is a small pocket inside the bag, which can store your keys and cellphone. 

Rainbow Creative artwork pattern, elaborately presents the beauty featuring fashion and style.


 Expanded size of the bag is 44 X 40 CM
 Can be folded into a small pouch to 12 X 12 cm
 Material: double layered fabric, water-resistance polyester fabric

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● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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