Set of 6 red envelopes

Creating a unique atmosphere distinct from regular red envelopes,
with vibrant colors and adorable Rainbow Creative mascots,
paired with auspicious phrases, and suitable for use regardless of the year.

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A high-Quality Chinese red envelope embossed with classic Rainbow Village pattern design is full of the atmosphere of the festival. 

Red envelopes, 红包 (hóngbao) in Chinese, are a popular gift people give during important festivals and celebrations in Taiwan and some other Asian countries. Red envelopes can be given at weddings, graduations, birthdays or as a work bonus, but they’re especially widely seen during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

The Chinese on it means, " May the road to wealth is wide open - wishing you prosperity." and "May good luck be with you!". Show respect and a grateful heart to the the elderly or show your love to the young ones with this Rainbow Creative design red envelopes.


Dimension: 18 x 9 cm
Material: Paper
Pack of 6 (each design has 2 in each pack) 

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● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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