【Childhood Drawings and Words】Kids' double-sided fisherman hats

Double-sided fisherman hat for versatile styling with electric-embroidered "Color Your Life"
lettering and rainbow star fabric accents. Paired with super cute and child-friendly printed
designs, making it adorable for kids to wear!
Hat circumference: 53CM
Featuring an incredibly cute child-friendly illustration, making kids look super adorable when wearing it!
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【childlike charm】Children's Reversible Fisherman Hat

This hat is a blue plain with embroidered alphabet and star punctuation.

                      Embroider “Color Youy Life!”                                           Rainbow Star Fabric Accents

Whimsical Artwork and Rainbow Word Cipher Design
※Created by cutting large pieces of fabric, each hat has a unique pattern placement.
All are one-of-a-kind, vibrant and playful Repeat purchases are welcome!


Reversible for dual wearing.
Suitable for children.
Head circumference: 53cm
Hat height: 7cm
Brim width: 6cm

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● Convenience Store Pickup

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