Ocean Treasure eco bag

It is such an honor to be invited to collaborate with the Japanese brand SEKKISEI to launch the
"Taiwan Limited Edition" SEKKISEI SAVE the BLUE X Rainbow Village Collaboration.
Various marine creatures freely swim in the blue ocean, each species a precious treasure!
Lightweight and easy to fold, a bag at your disposal makes you beautiful, and the Earth more beautiful too.
Take action together to protect the ocean, and contribute your part to environmental conservation.
For a better natural future, we deeply contemplate what we can achieve and continue to support the SEKKISEI SAVE the BLUE campaign.
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Rainbow Village is very honorable to be invited to design a reusable eco bag together with the Japanese brand SEKKISEI. This co-branding bag is sold in TAIWAN only. 
Humans are using over 160,000 plastic bags every second which means more than 5 trillion plastic bags will pollute the earth as plastic bags take up to 1000 years to decompose.
These are causing a lot of contamination. 

Moreover, in recent years,  with the rise of global warming, coral bleaching happened to one in tenth corals and the number of coral has decreased dramatically. Since 2009,
Kose has been working on coral restoration.
The “SAVE the BLUE” project in Japan supports the preservation of corals, which are important homes for a variety of marine life and also have the function of absorbing carbon dioxide,
which causes global warming. The company also started forest restoration project from 2018. Rainbow Village would like to work with them to reduce the use the plastic bags and  make
the earth a better place to live for the future generation.

 Let us work on saving the ocean and be part of the SAVE THE BLUE project. 

 SAVE the BLUE X Rainbow Village Eco bag is sold only in TAIWAN. 

  Easy to carry and could be folded into palm size porch. 

 Widen straps which make it comfortable to carry with shoulders and make shopping a lot easier.  

 Unique design of marine life in Rainbow Village style. 


Size:Unfolded Length 40 X Width55 / Folded Length 9.5 X Width 7.5 (±3CM)

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