【Everything Goes Well - Persimmons for you】 Roll-up pencil case

Persimmons represent Everything Goes Well and As Desired.
Good Luck holds a plump persimmon, adorned in a floral brick pattern,
with delicate electric-embroidered motifs.
A roll-up organizer, versatile for use as a pencil case, utensil pouch, and more.
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【 Good Luck in Everything】Roll-up Pen Pouch






Material: Fabric
Color: Deep Blue
※ Product images are taken from real objects. Due to factors such as computer screen variations and lighting during photography,
there may be slight differences between the photos and the actual product. The actual product should be considered as the standard.

√ Internal design with seven compartments and one large storage pocket
√ Can hold brushes or utensils
√ Can be rolled up or folded in three for storage

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