Classic colorful ballpoint pen

The pen body features a diverse collection of characters, each electing their own representative among the villagers:
The cat that brings you good luck - Good Luck the Cat, and the leopard cat that bestows blessings upon you - Wonderful.
May all the good luck and blessings come your way!
Blue and black 0.8mm pen refills can be easily replaced with standard-size refills.
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A colorful and stylish spiral Ballpoint Pen with Rainbow Villages' most popular character:

This refillable Rainbow Village ballpoint pen offers an incredibly smooth and vibrant writing experience.

This pen is ideal for adding a personal touch to your desk, or as a gift item for friends and family.

貓咪古拉奇Good Luck Cat(Blue)

石虎萬得福Leopard Wonderful(Black)


 Dimension: 14.5 CM
 Material: ABS Plastic
 Refill diameter: 0.8MM
 Colour: Black、Blue

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