Travel straps

Suitable for 27–32-inch suitcases, made from tear-resistant acrylic yarn material,
featuring easy-to-use buckle closure, allowing for adjustable tightness and length.
Available in three designs: [Colorful Party], [Good Luck], and [Safe Travels].
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The belt is made of acrylic fiber and secure buckle closure to ensure security.  
Bright color makes your luggage quick and easy to be found and saves time.

This adjustable luggage strap allows you to use it on a range of different-sized travel cases.

【Fun Party】

Rainbow Creative artwork pattern belts help you to differentiate your luggage easily. 
Who can resist the fun of traveling with this belt that has all the Rainbow Creative gang having fun together? 

【Good Luck Cat】
This belt has different pattern printed on both sides, which allows you to change it
at anytime depends on your preference.

Bon voyage

Printed with Chinese idiom to wish you have safe travel, a perfect gift for travelers.  



 Belt length:178 CM ; width:5 CM
 Material: Acrylic Yarn
(up to 32-inch luggage cases)

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● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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