Handmade silk fans

[Say more good things] for positive energy quotes,
and [Colorful parties] are now making their hot debut.
Polished and gleaming bamboo ribs for the fan, delicate silk fabric with a smooth texture, accompanied by a printed cloth fan pouch, lightweight and easy to carry.
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Each comes with a fabric sleeve to keep the fan safe and closed when not in use. 
It can keep you cooler from hot flashes in summer and can be used for dancing, stage props, gifts.
Also perfect for home interior walls decors such as living room, office, and others

【Speak Kind Words】
Words Full of Positive Energy


Fun Party
Painting with Rainbow Creative artwork makes this fan full of freshness. 



Dimensions : Folded length 21cm;
Unfolding length 43cm

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● Convenience Store Pickup

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