Auspicious portable convenience bag

Lightweight and compact, easy to store and carry, can put many small things, as a lunch bag is also just right!
In this colorful world, there's a blessing I want to send to you.
Have you discovered the hidden message?
Beloved and popular item for the daily commute of office workers!

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It's suitable for snacks, bento boxes, water bottles, and grocery shopping.
Strong and durable. Can be folded into a palm-size pouch, which can easily fit into your pocket.  
Reusable bags can reduce the use of plastic and paper bags. Let us work on protecting the environment together and make a difference to the earth. 





Full size of the bag is 40 X 30 CM;
can be folded into a small pouch to 8 X 6 CM  (±3CM)
Material: Polyester

Shipping Method

● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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