Porcelain mugs

With a capacity of 350ml, crafted using high-temperature firing at 1200 degrees
Celsius in Yingge, Taiwan, ensuring vibrant colors that are resistant to fading.
Available in four designs: [Main Wall of Rainbow Military-Dependents Village],
[Colorful Party], [Bitey Fortune Tiger], and [Good Luck].
Made from heat-resistant porcelain, suitable for microwave heating. ※ Do not heat directly on the flame

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Warm up your soul with a nice cuppa out of this perfectly sized ceramic mug. Customize with cool Rainbow Creative designs,
to make that "aaahhh!" moment even better.
Durable ceramic heating with a high temperature of 1200°C. Dishwasher and microwave-safe.  
A ceramic mug cup vibrant Rainbow Creative patterned design endows these mugs with artistic value for
both daily usage and home décor.

【Fun Party】
Rainbow Creative Classic Patterns.

【Rainbow Village】
Blue sky with colorful Main Wall will brighten up your day. 

【Wealth Tiger】
The cat like animal printed on the mug is wealth tiger.
It is meant to bring you prosperity and happiness. 

【Good Luck Cat】
This cute cat mug features Rainbow Creative's mascot Good Luck Cat which is meant to bring you good luck.
It is a great gift idea for a cat lover.


 Top Dimensions 8.5 CM
 Bottom Dimensions 7 CM
 Material: Ceramic 

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● Post Office Delivery

● Convenience Store Pickup

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