Cross-style headband

The headbands feature an adjustable elastic design on the back,
suitable for both adults and children.
With the polite and charming Snowman Bing Bing
and the super cute and indolent Fortune Bear,
these headbands enhance your hairstyle and make it stand out.
Available in two designs: [Prosperity and Wealth] and [Fortune Bear].
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Comfortable Fiber Cotton|Crossed Style Headband

★Pattern: "Prosperity" (yellow) / "Fortunate Bear" (blue)
★Material: Fiber cotton, elastic band
★Design: Classic design featuring Rainbow Creative's iconic patterns, adding a pop of colorful style to any outfit. 

A popular snowman Bing Bing brings joy and a good mood. Wealth and happiness.

【大富大貴 Hidden Message】
in English means "wealthy and honored".
It describes a person who is rich, successful, and respected.

【熊福氣】Fortunate Bear
The lazy lucky bear brings you abundance of good fortune.
【福】in English means "good fortune" or "blessing". It is often associated with luck,
prosperity, and happiness.



√ Single size fits all
√ Elastic band at the back, suitable for both adults and children

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